Report – Sofia and John’s lobby of PCS

Sofia Azam and John Pearson attended the PCS Headquarters building on Tuesday 2 December, in order to lobby members of the union’s Natonal Executive Committee (NEC) which was meeting on that date. They understood that reports were going to the meeting on the respective negative decisions of the National Disputes Committee (NDC) on the applications for support in their legal cases.

While they were present, the union’s Vice President, Kevin McHugh, came out to talk to them. He informed them that, in respect of both cases, if they were to meet the General Secretary and President to discuss the issues raised, then the NDC’s decisions would be reviewed.

At Kevin’s request, Sofia and John both promptly confirmed in writing to Mark Serwotka’s office manager their willingness to meet Mark Serwotka and Janice Godrich, even though they regarded this action as superfluous. John had already confirmed in writing to Mark Serwotka on two previous occasions – 24 October and 11 November – his acceptance of Mark’s offer of a meeting, and Sofia had done likewise – on 24 October and 7 November. No replies were received by either of them to offer any dates for an appointment and this remains the situation, one week after the NEC meeting.

Sofia and John are thus forced to consider whether the Vice-President was being used by the union’s most senior officials to carry out a ‘body swerve’, in order to forestall any possibility of the NEC overturning the NDC decisions.

The public campaigns of both Sofia and John will continue.

They are continuing to lobby support from other PCS branches and from PCS members and other trade unionists. Crucially, it is important to get more signatures on the open letter, whether or not Mark Serwotka and Janice Godrich are telling the truth about being prepared to meet us and offer any meeting dates.

Sign the open letter to Mark Serwotka here.